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Yahoo! News Search Results for used car loan interest rate(ARA) - Eighty percent of all Americans have at least one blemish on their credit reports. And a third of all consumers have credit scores so bad that they may have difficulty securing a car loan.

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(ARA) - You have probably heard of auto refinance before. Or simply refinance. The term actually refers to a financial situation wherein a borrower finds financing to pay off a current loan.

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A roundup of articles and data about the housing market.

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ottimo Funding LLC, whose name is Italian for ``excellent,'' has the highest possible credit rating and doesn't own subprime mortgage bonds.

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(ARA) - In the world of living paycheck to paycheck, unforeseen expenses create a very stressful situation. Whether the car breaks down, the water heater blows a leak or your dog needs emergency surgery from eating the hallway rug, finding a way to get out of the red gets harder every day.

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