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Auto Loan Refinance to Reduce Monthly Payments (Benton Evening News)

Yahoo! News Search Results for auto loan new car(ARA) - If high gas prices coupled with a big monthly car payment have you thinking that it might be time to trade in your truck or SUV, you'll be happy to know there is an alternative.

Think You're Paying Too Much on Your Car Loan? (Benton Evening News)

(ARA) - You have probably heard of auto refinance before. Or simply refinance. The term actually refers to a financial situation wherein a borrower finds financing to pay off a current loan.

Refinance Your Auto Loan and Ease a Tight Budget (Benton Evening News)

(ARA) - Living from paycheck to paycheck can be very stressful when unexpected emergency situations happen. You have to squeeze some extra money out of your budget, but where is it going to come from?

Auto Loan Refinance = Lower Payments (Benton Evening News)

(ARA) - It is not uncommon for car owners to find themselves in a situation where their car payments become a bigger financial drain than they anticipated. This can happen for many different reasons: job loss, sudden unexpected expenses, or simply because the car payments aren't in line with income.

Thumbprints could finger Inland car scammers (The Press-Enterprise)

One Corona auto dealer really wants to get you into a new or used car, but only if you leave a thumbprint.

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